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Who We Are

Our Vision

HACI aspires to see African immigrants and refugees become empowered and productive members of the larger American community.

our mission towards building an

Interdependent and Integrated Community

HACI’s mission is to provide and facilitate basic humanitarian services to African immigrants and refugees. It aims at enhancing the capacities of its clients to help them become successful and productive members of the host communities thereby achieving a smooth transition overcoming their challenges.  In doing so HACI works in close collaboration and partnership with concerned government and non-government agencies, community members, volunteers and private businesses mobilizing all stakeholders for realizing its objectives.  


Our Core Values


Working with diverse populations and volunteers, HACI strives to instiil team approaches in providing services. 


We strive to maintain the highest standards of service and professional ethics.


We are committed to ensure that all facets of HACI’s work are open and easily reviewed. 


We seek always to respect and empathize with the identity, culture and personal needs of all those we work with. 


We are committed to honor our responsibilities to our clients, volunteers, staff, donors, partners and the wider community. 

our history

meeting the needs of the vulnerable & underserved

The Horn of Africa Community Institute (HACI) is a not-for-profit, non-partisan social services provider that has a 501(c)(3) status. The organization was established and incorporated in December 2015 to assist African immigrants and refugees especially those who come from the Horn of Africa including Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and Djibouti. 

Formed by members of the immigrant community who come from the Horn of Africa and are conversant with the cultural, social and political realities in the region, HACI is committed to establishing an interdependent and robust Community empowered to support the efforts of individuals, families and institutions in the Washington DC Metro Area through integrated community services. HACI will build up the community, while also facilitating individual and community-wide relations with the larger DC community and public authorities. 

The founders of HACI have witnessed a large increase in the number of immigrants and refugees from the Horn of Africa migrating to the United States to escape war, violence, human rights abuse, poverty, and death. The initiative was taken by the individuals who are well aware of the tremendous and multi-faceted challenges that newly arriving refugees and immigrants face. The founders of HACI have experience working with immigrants, refugees, and not-for-profit organizations including big international NGOs. They are also keenly aware of the histories and cultures of the Horn of Africa region. 

Many of the immigrants and refugees have experienced violation of human and democratic rights in their respective countries. Once in the United States, the refugees and immigrants suffer from lack of support and many of the new comers have nowhere to go. HACI is thus established to help meet the needs of these vulnerable, underserved community members and to assist them in the integration process to the host community in the Washington DC metropolitan area.