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Service Delivery

  • We have over 380 clients who have done intake and received services from HACI so far out of which 35 clients people are living with disabling condition. 
  • Implemented Amharic Housing Access Program in collaboration with BFC
    • Circulated over 800 flyers among potential clients
    • Translated housing documents into Amharic (document for about 45 people and a flyer for the housing access program)
    • Held housing information sessions(housing clinics) for 167 clients
    • Assisted over 107 clients in compiling housing applications
    • Surveyed clients after each of the housing information dissemination sessions– survey result indicated positive outcomes.
    • With our help, at least six clients were housed so far that we know of. 
    • Participated in experience sharing at DC-based Torture Abolition aand survivors Support Coalition International (TASSC), a service provider for torture survivors, and gave presentation on the housing landscape in DC.
    • Participated in a workshop on Housing Landscape in DC and the problems encountered at Housing Counseling Services Association, a not-for-profit organization located in DC.
    • Participated in a housing advocacy program organized by BFC
    • Was able to attract attention of volunteers (currently over 50 volunteers pledged to provide free service at HACI)
    • Staff and volunteers attended housing meetings and provided language access (translation/interpretation) support to Amharic speakers
    • HACI staff has been out in the field with Bread for the City’s HAP staff, providing interpretation and extra support at housing events held at affordable housing complex, Asbury Dwellings in Shaw. And other Housing Agencies in MD for 5 clients and at downtown Silver Spring and about 20 new clients are on the list bringing the total to 45.    


  • Provided important information on immigration for 44 refugees.
  • Assisted clients with the interpreting services during their application for social security income at Bread for the City for 2 clients.
  • Assisted 70 clients with their case management for services like housing, Supplemental Security Income(SSI), Asylum application etc
  • Consulting and working with Steve France provided a pro bono service for a client with his asylum application and humanitarian parole processes:
    • Filed the clients I-589 asylum application
    • Developed his personal statement
    • Filed his application for Work authorization
    • Translated his affidavits and other documents
    • Filed his request to expedite his interview
    • Provided interpretation services during his interviews with a Law firm that supports his request for Humanitarian Parole

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